CEO 2014_FotorIan Carter starts this interview by saying that he is a simple person, whose life has had an interesting journey. He started as a Teacher, became a Youth Officer, and a Director of Community Economic Development, before spending the last 20 years as CEO of Anglicare WA. Ian talks about how his Anglican faith has been a key factor in taking on this role, and also staying committed to it over the long term. He also reflects on how his commitment to social justice has deepened over the years, and how having passed 60 he has given himself the liberty to shout at the TV and radio when people make unjust statements.

Ian will most likely retire in the next few years, and he reflects on how to do this well, and how he might reflect his purpose once he leaves Anglicare WA.

During his time at Anglicare WA, Ian has been involved in many leadership roles including being Deputy President of the ACOSS, President of WACOSS and President of Family Services Australia; and was also Chairman of the State Taskforce on Poverty, and Chairman of the Ministerial Housing Advisory Committee. He is the Chairman of the National Foyer Foundation, and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Anglicare Australia. He has recently joined the National Board of White Ribbon Australia.

During the interview Ian talks about:

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