Francis Lynch is the interviewer and founder of the Living With Purpose InterviewsWelcome to the Living With Purpose Interviews

This is a short introduction to the series and some background on why they exist.

Over the last year I have been thinking a lot about what my purpose is and what it is that I want to be focusing my time on. As I was doing this it was helpful to hear from some other people and understand how they see these things.

Purpose is something so important but we don’t talk about it very often.

It’s one of those subjects that seems too deep or personal for most occasions – something that isn’t part of normal conversation. So these interviews give you a way of listening to these types of conversations with a number of people.

I think everyone has a purpose, but not all of us are clear what that is, or how we would describe it someone else

These interviews will be with different types of people, some will be well known, or in positions of influence, others will be less prominent, but no less thoughtful and purposeful in their lives.

I’m going to ask people about

  • what they see as their purpose
  • Have they noticed their purpose change over time
  • Is it different to how they saw it a few years ago
  • And do they think that their purpose will be different in a few years time
  • What and who has influenced their purpose
  • How do they sustain their energy to do what they do
  • Are there particular books, podcasts, materials that they would want to suggest to other people
  • What would they say to someone who is wondering about what their purpose is

You can find out more about me on the website or on LinkedIn.

I see my purpose as being around the concepts of Leadership, Social Justice, and Community, and of course relationships with people. I’ve worked for many years in the social services and community advocacy sectors, and I’ve been honoured to meet many amazing people in that journey.

Some of the most purposeful people that I’ve met have been the people in the community who are making a life despite many barriers and hurdles. People who know who they are and what is important to them. People Living With Purpose are everywhere.

I will be interviewing people who I know, and others who I know of. But I’m also interested in being referred to people who would be worth hearing from. So if you have a suggestion of who I could interview, give me an email at [email protected].

These interviews are on the website, and will also be available on iTunes and other podcast sites. If you use the subscribe button on the website you’ll get an email each time a new episode is released. And if you use the subscribe button on iTunes or any other podcast player then you’ll get it delivered right to you.

Thanks for reading this introduction to the Living With Purpose interview series, and I hope that you enjoy hearing from the guests coming up.