picture is of Lynda Rose who is a guest on the living Wiuth Purpose Interviews with Francis LynchLynda Rose has done a number of things in her life, including being a real estate agent, and now a health and wellness consultant and coach.

Lynda is a mother and grandmother and has done many things in a full life. In this interview she talks widely about some of the things that have influenced her and led her to where she is now. She’s finding purpose in her life through a focuon health and wellness and she’s finding ways of bringing her knowledge and energy to people that she has the opportunity to work with. She’s particularly focused on the food that we eat and how that can influence our health and the way that we feel.

Lynda has a special focus on supporting women, which has also led her to practice as a Doula, which is a companion role for a woman who is giving birth.

She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma a few years ago, and is now living with disease free. But this experience has had an impact on her life and influenced her current life choices. She is living with an energy to help other people to live healthy and well lives, and for them not to wait until they have a significant life challenge.

Resources mentioned by Lynda

Lynda’s website – www.innerevolution.com.au

Paul Chek – chekinstitute.com

Underground Wellness Podcast – undergroundwellness.com/radio

Sally Fallon – www.westonaprice.org

David Perlmutter – www.drperlmutter.com


Full Interview Transcript - Click Here

FRANCIS: So welcome Lynda to the living with purpose interview. Just as a start can you tell me how you would describe yourself to someone you would just be meeting?

LYNDA:  How I would describe myself is I guess someone that is always learning, always looking for new ideas and new concepts and most of that is to do with health and wellness and applying them to how I live and learning about myself, how I integrate new ideas and new ways of thinking into my life to make my purpose in the world how I want it to be.

FRANCIS:  So there’s lots of things in there, learning is a lot of what you are sort of talking about there, so trying to find new ideas that make sense to you and work for you?

LYNDA: Yes, I guess ideas that I feel for me are moving me forward and making my life more balanced and more interesting.

FRANCIS:  What would be some of those ideas that are really important to you just at the moment?

LYNDA:  A big focus on wellness and health and balance as well as nutrition and whole foods to keep our bodies or keep my body healthy and as good as it can be, the best that it can be.  And the reason that I do that is because I feel that if your body is healthy and your mind is switched on then you have a better perspective of the world and are a more positive person which I aim to be.

FRANCIS:  And is that something that you’ve been interested in for a long time or is it something that has changed over time?

LYNDA:  It has changed, well I feel like it’s changed but also know that when I had my babies, my first baby, I was very cautious of what she ate and what she didn’t eat and then when the other three came along I pretty much lost the plot and my whole life changed to back to whatever normal was at the time. But since I guess I was unwell, a few years ago, obviously my focus has been more on diet and nutrition and lifestyle to keep myself well which is why I seem to have fallen into this pathway of learning about that because it is of interest to me.

FRANCIS:  And so is that something that you find – like there are people who help you along that path?

LYNDA:  I studied Paul Chek, who is a holistic lifestyle coach and I came across his learning through a personal trainer that I was seeing at the time. And the first step of his training is about nutrition, which obviously switched on the light bulbs for me and something I hadn’t been aware of before I guess. And his teaching is mostly about whole foods, organic foods and no pesticides and getting back to the traditional ways of eating, so that was the first step. So I did the course for that and it really changed everything I did in the household and the rest of the family thought I got a bit crazy when I was saying no you can’t have this, we have to have this and you try this and now we are eating food like this and luckily it will come on board with me and at the same time my oldest daughter studying environmental science, so she was really on the same page if you like. And we encouraged each other to try new things and we gauged the way we should eat by the way we felt and because we started to feel better we realize that’s it’s for us, this is the way that wanted to go, so that is what I learned from that and it was a big turnaround in my life.

FRANCIS:  Do you think that you noticed the experiences in your body more now, like you say you feeling better and you’re more aware.

LYNDA:  Yeah I do because the whole Paul Chek system teaches you to become aware of your body sensations which I feel like you lose touch with because will get busy and we all commute back and forth to work and we are so busy thinking about what the next day will bring that we forget to slow. Well I guess in the beginning we do have to slow down and take note but as time goes on you begin to realize the sensations in your body are related to how you eat and how you think, they seem to be correlated for me.

FRANCIS:  Do you think there is there was a period where you sort of lost the connection to noticing?

LYNDA:  Yeah definitely.

FRANCIS:  I am curious I suppose about the change and how long ago you think that sort of change happened for you, I mean you mentioned being unwell but was it something that’s you felt that you had become like a little pattern before that or a routine?

LYNDA:  No I don’t think so, I think I have always been a fairly spiritual type of person and I’ve always been in touch with, not the aura but the energy around me and of course within my body. But I feel like I might’ve been skimming the edge of that but the new learning that I had with Paul Chek has really homed that in and made it more real and more tangible, so I know that it is there now.

FRANCIS:  So you talk about him being a wellness sort of coach is that right?

LYNDA:  Yip.

FRANCIS:  So is there particular sort of philosophies or principles that sort of underpin his approach?

LYNDA:  Yes, he teaches more about having a soul connection with your body, so he teaches you that you have your body your physical body but also have the spiritual or soul side of you. So he encourages you to be in touch with that and he practically uses that as his daily guide, like he tunes into that part of himself and he will use that part of himself to write blogs, to organize plane trips, to really rule everything that he does, for want of a better word, I haven’t got to that depth yet but it’s interesting to investigate and how that develops and how you can put it to good use once you have learned to trust that, I guess that’s the main thing of trusting your gut and knowing what you know is how you are.

FRANCIS:  And you starting to have that experience with being able to sort of connect or experience that soul connection.  How would you put it, is it finding the guidance?

LYNDA:  Yes it is a type of guidance, it is more about, I guess for me it’s about my core values and how I make sure I stick to them. Because if you have ways of living and ways of doing things and you’re given an idea that doesn’t fit with them, before I may have gone along that path and gone with the flow but now I am able to keep myself give myself permission to sit back and think “Aah that is not really what I want to do” and doesn’t fit with what I know and how I feel and I more make decisions now about how I feel within myself rather than just, I might just react and go “Well, okay yip I will do that”. Now I sit back and think and take time to make sure the what I’m doing is what I really want to do and what feels good inside.

FRANCIS:  You mentioned values, is value something that you feel there has been a continuity, sort of like from childhood to adult life it’s a sort of continuous sort of understanding of what that is or do you think it’s changed?

LYNDA:  I think it has changed, I think I don’t know that I was grown as a child to know about core values and to understand them, I don’t think it was part of our family life. I mean generally there is the core values that you must earn money, you must not have your elbows on the table, you must eat meals all those types of things but the core values I guess I’m talking about are more relationships, how you relate to people and how you feel about yourself because if you have your values set for yourself, then you are of more use to other people.

FRANCIS:  So it sounds like you have been able to in more recent years sort of think and choose what you want to be?

LYNDA:  Yes and giving myself permission to do that because I feel as women we tend to become mothers and then we’re busy looking after children and somehow we get lost on the edge of that and we forget our own identity almost, and for me as my children have grown and left my home, that I have been able to get back to who I am and become more of an individual rather than almost like a clone of five people, little ones and me involved. F

RANCIS:  And does it feel like… like how does that feel?

LYNDA:  It really refreshing and is also quite scary because I suppose if you have got all those little ones around you and you have to make a choice obviously as a mom you think of them first and it feels okay to do that and having done that for I guess how long, ….

FRANCIS:  Your kids are adults now aren’t they and are you a grandmother yet?

LYNDA:  Yeah I am a grandmother, nearly 3 times but I think having to make those choices for your kids from their perspective is easy because you always put them first and as they have left home you begin to put yourself first it’s almost a bit of shaky ground for me and has been like “Aah is it okay? oh yeah I can do that” because it is only me involved and I don’t worry about anybody else anymore.

FRANCIS:  So who else do you think has really been influential in terms of the way you see yourself now – over that period of your life?

LYNDA:  Who else has been really influential, I guess people that I mix with and that I have the same ideas or the same bonds with, we all spur each other on and now I see them going through the different journeys that are going through and is quite inspirational to see them moving along their life path, I guess sorting through any difficulties really well and coming out of it okay in the end.

FRANCIS:  So being inspired just really by the people you’re connected to and your friends, so it doesn’t have to be the great big thinkers of the world?

LYNDA:  No it doesn’t have to be, the people next door.

FRANCIS:  So how would you describe your purpose as you see it now?

LYNDA:  For me?  My purpose is to share my knowledge with people that are open to hearing it, yep that is my purpose.

FRANCIS:  So how do you go about that?

LYNDA:  How do I go about that? Any willing ear I will fill with anything that they want to know with anything that I know.  I have a blog that I use and I have a few clients that I am coaching through wellness and health, so that is pretty much how I let that part of me escape.

FRANCIS:  So when you say you work with your clients, what sort of things to people bring to you?

LYNDA:  It is mostly diet related although lately I have been delving into inner child healing so that is becoming something more apparent to me that is a need that needs to be filled and addressed in people, so it is helping people to understand their upbringing and how it might affect them positively or negatively as an adult and helping them to sort through their thinking patterns in a positive way.

FRANCIS:  I read a blog post of yours today actually, talking about your own experience of reflecting on your inner child or the child, the girl Lynda, and so has that been an interesting sort of experience for you to sort of think about your own, like you are now but also reflect on who you have been and how that has come about?

LYNDA:  It has been because I guess your childhood shapes who you are and what do they say, they see the child at seven and you see the adult, so if you have had – if for instance you have had a child that has been disruptive and a bit full of turmoil then the person that you will be as an adult will reflect those thought patterns and thinking patterns and how you might react to things that might not be helpful to yourself, so if you can revisit that part of your life, the childhood that you had, you can actually heal those memories and those thought patterns and become able, become more clear in your thinking as an adult.

FRANCIS:  And I suppose that underpins that in a sense is having like as the adult now is consciously rather than just taking the past as something that happened and you have no choice about it but consciously reflect on it and think about what that means.

LYNDA:  Yeah it is pretty powerful, not that easy to do, it can be quite painful to go back to a childhood and think why did that happen or how did that happen and why do I think the way that I do it and if you go back and revisit those emotions that are tangled within that, those thought patterns it can be quite emotional and it can be a huge breakthrough, I have seen people change in the blink of a eye just by remembering a thought and recognizing it and dealing with the emotions that have been held within them all the time and it helps them as an adult in more ways than you can imagine.

FRANCIS:  And that sense when somebody connects to that emotion, do you think – I am interested in what you see and what you observe in terms of what’s happening for that person at that time, can you see it because they tell you or can you see it…?

LYNDA:  Oh no you can physically see it, people will sob and cry and really yell and get angry at what has happened as a child.

FRANCIS so the results can be very physical?

LYNDA absolutely yes.

LYNDA and it can take a few days after to that release for you to work through whatever it was for you to realize I don’t have to think that way anymore I can actually feel like this,or I can feel like that, I don’t have to have that anger or that hurts or that resentment within me and I can be a freer person which is what will the inner child healings is about.

FRANCIS and I suppose like lots of other types counseling or therapy approaches to change to personal change is taking responsibility now and so who do I want to be and how do I want to react rather than just a reaction?

LYNDA yes it is taking an adult you of your decision-making in your choices and feeling comfortable with them and allow yourself to make that choice for yourself rather than how you think you should because of the way you brought up, it frees up to become the person that you are, it’s interesting it’s very interesting work.

FRANCIS and so the people that you’re connected to that you do that type of work with and how do they come to you?

LYNDA through Skype I have been doing a coaching session with a fellow in the US so he has sent some people my way I guess so I have people in the US and people and Ireland

FRANCIS I have done some stuff both on the phone and Skype with people and it is amazing how very quickly you move from being aware of the technology to not being aware is that you experience?

LYNDA It is true is like in the same room is that what you meant is like sitting there with each other, I even feel like you move into the coaching part of it or the sharing part of it quicker than you would if you in a room together somehow.

FRANCIS I was doing a training session actually with someone who was in, I can’t remember the state and up it was in the middle of winter and she was sitting in a room and was actually snowing outside and I was in summer it was just this complete opposite but very quickly it was that’s all the material didn’t really matter

LYNDA  it’s just helping each other out is the main thing.

FRANCIS so what is the, how do you sort of because I am aware that you work in real estate and other things in your life so how does it all fit together for you so what how do you sort of live a that’s sort of what together and has all these different parts?

LYNDA it has been a struggle the last year to balance that to be honest with you, and I guess I just made the choice only the last few months to not be in real estate anymore because it’s just doesn’t sit congruently with me anymore…

FRANCIS so have you finished that are already?

LYNDA yes in December so it has been a tussle for couple of years part of that is learning to trust myself and letting myself go on this new different path and letting go of the old so it has been difficult so it’s quite interesting when I went to my holiday just lately we went to the a little town in the back of Austria and it’s a little vineyard in a winery area and had the ceremony on the 27th of December they have the ceremony of letting go of the old wine and in bringing in the new wine so while I was away at my birthday day was just fantastic and inspirational and like a week later we had this night and we just all have such a celebration for me it was part of letting go the last five years of my life and now I’m moving on now with the new so I used that night as my little…

FRANCIS transformation you sort of come out the next morning as a new butterfly

LYNDA hopefully the way it works is me it doesn’t instantly happen I have to let it just dwell within me and a few days later I think that’s happening I’m doing it now.

FRANCIS so what then works for you in terms of where you’re at this transition point so if you go then forward five years what do you see as the next five years of you, what do you think?

LYNDA my focus will mostly be on building women, building their self-worth and self-esteem and helping women to realize the value that we give to community because I feel as though it’s lost as everything does through busyness, and I don’t know if you’re aware that I do work with moms and labour as a Doula, so I hope to get more involved in that so I feel like this is an amazing job that women do and I want to help women feel more comfortable with the process and have older woman share their stories because I feel like that whole communication with your younger set of girls to come to have their babies is lost and I’d like to encourage that back so a part of that will be to hold some retreats and some blessing ceremonies for young girls within labour or about to go into labour, more of a cultural approach.

FRANCIS so I don’t know the words to put into it but there seems a lot bound into that type of work, in terms of is not just a practical task, is actually the way you’re describing it this is actually a part of life that has a lot of elements to its.

LYNDA if you look at indigenous cultures and ancient cultures the is much more importance put on a birthing process and I think as a mother that has birthed children and watched several women birth now, the process can be such a beautiful fantastic time and I feel as the years have passed by that that aspect has been lost or isn’t experienced as often as it could be so I would like to be able to encourage the teaching and the learning and the knowledge of the whole emotional process of birthing to be a beautiful thing that woman can hold and take and value….

FRANCIS and not just a medical process.

LYNDA to be a whole process with the whole person and with the whole emotional spiritual side as well, I feel like it gets lost.

FRANCIS so you spoke about this being a transition point and the last five years it sounds as though there was like maybe over the last year or so there was a lack of alignment between what you were coming to think and believe versus what you were doing day by day so even though you’re right at the very beginning of this change and transition how has that shifted for you

LYNDA what I think I can say that the last five years has been focus on me on learning on getting a good sense of who I am of what I think and of how I feel and well want to be in what I want to share and now that I have feel like I have spent a fair bit of time learning about me it’s time to share it with others so that will be my focus for the next couple of years to get it up and running. I know that is not going to be something that snaps into place quickly but it will be a process in itself.

FRANCIS So the Doula work might be part of it, the coaching or support or whatever might be part of it and whatever else eventuates

LYNDA whatever else whatever else turns up on the horizon yeah.

FRANCIS so what gives you the energy to do what you do now, is there particular things that you do or think?

LYNDA What gives me the energy to do what I do, I think I suppose is just the enthusiasm for life once you have been through a situation where your life has been put on the line you just view the world differently when you come to the other end of that, it is just having that’s – “Wow the world is here and I’m in it and what can I do and what is there not” there is just so much we can do as people so just having that’s the gift of being here is enough is enough to give me the energy to keep going.

FRANCIS  So you mentioned your life was on the line – do you want to say anything about that?

LYNDA in 2011 I was diagnosed with lymphoma non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – so I had treatment for three years for that and of course still have to have medical checks and all this type of things, but to have come to the journey at the end to think I’m here all these people were there to help me and support me and love me and bring me through, that’s pretty amazing it is pretty amazing to me so I don’t want to waste the time, I don’t want to waste time that I have here I want to always make sure that I’m learning and doing things and bringing it to other people what was born to me while I wasn’t well, I want to get back.

FRANCIS and it sounds as though that is quite tangible for you now in terms of changing, stopping is a real estate agent and finding a new paths.

LYNDA is exciting what do they say if your job is your passion it’s not your job is that type of feeling.

FRANCIS could be interesting

LYNDA it is pretty exciting.

FRANCIS are there other things that you do that sort of, I’m interested in terms of are there particular things on a daily basis to connect into that energy for that purpose?

LYNDA I do in the morning I just check in with myself and often I will do a quick 10 or 15 minute meditation which I’m getting better at doing, that  been a trial for me to make myself sit still and do that and I’m beginning to realize the value of that and I think the experience I had on the mountain if you read my blog with that little stone, that really brought back to me what you can do with meditation and how you can feel about it, so that has given me hope to make sure I do what I do it every day because I think you need to check in with yourself and you need to set a compass in the day to make sure you’re on track so that is what I do in the mornings, once I’ve gotten over jet lag.

FRANCIS how many days since you’ve got back?

LYNDA four


LYNDA today is Thursday so yes it’s been four.

FRANCIS so one of the questions that I’d like to ask people what would you how would you help someone what tips would you give people somebody who you would be coming into contact with who is very clear or sure about what their life purpose was what they’re here to be?

LYNDA I think what I would say do you mean work or in life? Generally

FRANCIS Anything, it sounds as though this is where you’re going your life is to be actually be this type of support or resource to people

LYNDA firstly I would ask them how they feel in the mornings in the wake up are they on the last track already or do they need to find it’s.

FRANCIS some people say I don’t know where I’m going in it and what I’m doing and I’m lost.

LYNDA that’s an interesting question isn’t it so my training would teach me to start with diet food and nutrition and sleep patterns and wellness and see how they feel in themselves after a period of time if that comes to light or ask them what the dream is what the dreamfor the future is I can then work towards that and helping us assist them work towards that dream and I guess once you’ve got a picture of your dream in your mind that can also evolve and change as well so you’re not stuck to that it is always music moving forward it’s how you see yourself I guess contributing and being mindful of you and those around you, does it answer the question?

FRANCIS absolutely I think it does and if I ask you the question not directly related to that like this next five or 10 years to you on this pathway which may not be clear in terms of exactly what you gonna be doing in six months or 12 months whatever but do you think that, even though the activities or the tasks of what you actually doing on a day-to-day basis may change over time, do you think there’s going to be a core essence or the sort of purpose behind that is second to stay the same?

LYNDA yes I think it will the core essence is about nurturing myself and nurturing others as well. I think it will stay the same and I guess the whole and when you asked the question about who inspires you and what gives you energy for the day I just thought the thought that came to my mind is my grandbabies because I see them only have girls at the moment but I have see them such beautiful little innocent creatures that we all were at one point in time and life batters you about and gives you blows and gives you good things and you become this person at the end but innately we were such pure little creatures there is no reason why we can’t think purely and beautifully and creatively and that seems to get lost so they inspire me to keep going as well and I guess that will be part of my five-year plan is to make sure people are in touch with who they are and how they feel and how they think because it’s just so important I see the see it as being so important.

FRANCIS I can get there it sounds really important. I know you were speaking earlier about some of the people influenced you of any particular resources like books or other podcosts or sort of things that you see that you think are really good?

LYNDA for ever for ever and ever listen to a part costs called “underground wellness” which is a US one and is one about obviously food nutrition wellness thinking patterns and it gets quite in-depth so you have to start listening to the first one and work your way through because the language in the vocabulary is a bit of out of touch and out of control but I listen to that and sadly Sean Croxton as the fellow that runs that has stopped doing that now and I’m waiting to see what his new idea will be. I did follow Jess Lanes-cox she was a wellness warrior but she has lost her battle to cancer which was very sad she was such a beautiful girl she inspired me greatly and still does and I read the grain brain book by Dr. Perlmutter to which was just life-changing for me blew me away that book.

FRANCIS sorry was that again

LYNDA David Perlmutter to I think it’s a surname is just a great book fantastic. Sally Fallon does like a nutritional eating pattern from days gone by, bone broths, pate, and homemade formula for children and for babies if you can’t feed them yourself, but this fantastic way of eating high-fat diet low sugar or this type of books are just so fantastic they really inspire me.

FRANCIS do you think that’s and I’m interested, I eat gluten-free – gluten doesn’t really work for me but I mean we get so much information through media about food and nutrition do you think that there are generalizations or is it really about the person and what actually is the right sort of combination of food and nutrition for that person?

LYNDA I think what I say to people is I had an interesting conversation with the fellow that I was away with actually and he said why should I believe that all the stuff that you read on the net, why shouldn’t  just eat what I want for myself and I said well that’s okay but how does it make you feel like, you have to be in touch with how it makes you feel so if you eating a high carb high sugar diets how does it make you feel how does your body present working for you it’s working for you grace but if it isn’t then you need to change it.

FRANCIS it is I think at the end of the day it is a bit of a personal how does it make you feel.

LYNDA it’s very individual and I guess because we have mostly been brought up with added processed for you to diets is not an easy thing to change like to drop sugar is not an easy thing to do it’s really difficult it is hidden away it is really hard.

FRANCIS and it is amazing because you think that’s a savory is not a sugary type thing and you look at it and you realize it is.

LYNDA and you would know with the gluten like I said but I make most of my own sauces and preserves now but back in the day or those were full of gluten so you would know more about that than me.

FRANCIS I’m interested in was sort of coming towards the end of the conversation I’m just interested are the any things that you are involved in that you would like to talk about?

LYNDA I think we’ve covered it all only the development of these ceremonies for woman that I’m finding quite exciting to delve into and I guess I’m going along that path way because even if the milestones in our growth and development seem to be lost for instance when my children went through puberty we took them out for a special dinner and celebrated that they had become an adult and that they were now at the next stage of their life and I feel like little things like that have gotten lost so I want to bring that back I want people to recognize those points in the life rituals and cultures that you’ve lost because even when I was in Germany and we had this night at this wineries and the little villages they that have groups of men called hunters and their job in the village is to look after the forest is enough animals to hunt and they keep the forest rich and well and they have to go through the village to become a hunter they don’t just enroll and become one have to learn the skills from their fathers and celebrations like we had in this wineries they came along and they sang in the same cultural songs and their old fairytales and told stories I don’t think that I know that in Australia haven’t seen it anywhere that we had that’s that input and I suppose I got excited because those fellows in the village obviously inspirational for the young boys coming through and having people to look up to and the could go to question things that are not only their own fathers but they can go on speak to someone else side like to see some of those things involved.

FRANCIS thing is interesting in Australia because we have all these different cultures of this migrant populations what I’m inspired by is that the Aboriginal people so in this area the Noongar people, I know over the last few years I’ve heard a lot of stories from the Noongar elders, even being in a place not far from where we are right now hearing some stories, so sometimes the stories are there, but because of the history of Australia we have lost connection to them.

LYNDA that’s what I think and and for me it was really just beautiful to see these fellows and the job what they do the communities and I’m unaware the Aboriginal culture so this may be something I need to learn about maybe that will be a new thing

FRANCIS may be. As we finish up I’m just interested in anything else that I may have asked the wrong questions, is there anything else you wanted to say.

LYNDA and I think we’re pretty good.

FRANCIS what I’m really glad that I came and had a conversation and I think what I hadn’t anticipated is that to for you this is real point of transition literally during the last month I’ve just found it inspiring that that sense of conscious choice to move into a different way of being in a way I can really hear and see the connection that you are making the focus and the work that you’ve done for yourself and then how that’s going to work how you want to use that to really continue to build the support that you been able to give other people in the community I really wish you luck with all of that

LYNDA thank you and thanks for coming it has been nice